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How Strong Is Your Brand?

How Strong Is Your Brand?

Like a good whiskey, a strong brand packs a punch.  It can tell you who the company is, what their core values are, how they “sell” their products, and what those products even are.  A brand is also similar to a whiskey in that once you start watering it down with a “mix” of messaging, the punch softens and the impact is diluted.  Dilute your choice of whiskey too much and you’re now serving a completely different drink and confusing your bar patron, or in this case confusing your customer.  And we all know, confused customers generally don’t stick around.

 I’ll let you in on a little secret . . . brands are easier to dilute than you think. Most companies develop a brand with the best of intentions for it to remain crystal clear.  Over time however, company growth, unclear brand standards, and lack of brand management can cause a brand to weaken.  So how do you avoid this from happening to your brand?  Read on to find out . . .


Consistent use of your logo, brand colors, fonts, and key messaging across all channels of communication is vital to keeping your brand strong.  This doesn’t mean that all of ads, posts, and different pieces of collateral have to be an exact copy of each other but it does mean that there does need to be visual cohesion. Make sure you stick to a number of standards, such as your overall color palette, visual style, font and size and even layout of your logo.


Developing a set of brand guidelines is a great tool for keeping your brand tight and strong over time.   Acting as a set of standards for how to use different sections of your brand, branding guidelines provide the same information to the several different people or teams that may be designing your marketing and advertising tools.  I’d recommend keeping your guidelines as contained to a simple document detailing brand colors (PMS numbers included), fonts, logo placement, and essential styling and layout information.


Check in on how your brand is doing through visual spot checks as well as verbal message checks.  Your office or place of business should reflect “the best of the best” of your brand.  If you were a customer walking into the space for the first or even the thirtieth time, how well is your brand represented?   Is the space put together, tidy, welcoming, professional?  Does your staff’s uniforms or business attire reflect your brand?  How is your brand being portrayed in social media posts, emails, newsletters and the messages in content that accompany them?  Just as you have brand standards for design, each of these areas should also have clear standards set that you and your company’s employees follow.

Being consistent and holding your brands to high standards will help keep it as strong as the day it was conceptualized.  Share your brand standard and guidelines with all team members and help them to understand how to best maintain the identity of your company through proper training.  At Triton Commerce, we’re here to help you not only create a strong brand but just as importantly, keep a strong brand!  Contact any member of our team today to learn more about the benefits of branding for your company.  


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