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Three Things My Cat Taught Me About SEO

Three Things My Cat Taught Me About SEO

My cat, Peppercorn, doesn’t always help with my work. Between walking on my keyboard and howling to get outside, my feline friend appears to contribute little to our professional goals at Triton. But with a little more observation, I think Peppercorn knows more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than I originally suspected.

Keep An Overview of Everything

Peppercorn likes to find a high perch to that he can survey the varied landscape that is his kingdom. From up here, he can see who’s coming and going, keep an eye on his food dish, and make sure other cats don’t get into his toys. You should do the same with your website. We recommend that you use a robust analytics tool to watch over all aspects of your website: where traffic comes from, what pages people are looking at, what keywords are leading customers to your site, and which pages aren’t working. By taking a global perspective on how you look at your website you can better control how your customers arrive at, interact with, and take action on your website.

Rest - With a Purpose

Cats sleep up to 18 hours a day. But their slumber isn’t reminiscent of hibernating - the term “cat nap” comes from how lightly cats sleep. Peppercorn, like his feline counterparts, spends the greater part of his day resting. But he uses his sleep to be ready for hunting. All of us need to take a break once in a while. Instead of resting deeply and hoping for the best, however, we’d all do well to make sure that we’re well rested and ready to pounce when the opportunity strikes.

Keep Your Eyes Open

If you don’t have your eyes open, you could miss a big opportunity. Peppercorn gets the most out of his day when his eyes are open and he’s aware of what’s going on around him. Is there any sudden movement around him? If there is, he’ll notice it immediately. With his eyes open, Peppercorn also knows when some competing local cats are lurking in the garden. If you remain aware of what’s going on in your industry - and with your competitors - you’ll be able to react quickly and effectively. Just like catching a mouse.

When you’re wondering how to approach SEO with your website, think of the lessons Peppercorn teaches us. And when it works out and you have more qualified traffic, stop by our office with a treat. Peppercorn will thank you.


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