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Have You Seen your Yellow Pages?

Have You Seen your Yellow Pages?

What do you think of when you read the title of this article? Do you even know what Yellow Pages are? This is the dilemma of many businesses today as they look at their marketing avenues.  What used to be simple answer was put an ad and listing in the YellowPages, in the business section and your phone would ring.  Now…not so much!  When was the last time you used your yellow pages to find anything?  I know the last 5 years, I have used mine to start the bonfires.  So now where do people turn to when they want to find a company to do business with?  Plain and simple….the web!

Today when you want to find anything where is the first place you go? Google or some other search engine is where a majority of people start when they are looking for anything, whether it be where they are going to eat, what activity they want, searching for clothes or looking for a company to do any of a million different things that someone is looking for.  So what does this mean for your business?  It is instrumental that your business has a website to start with and that you are marketing your website on a consistent basis.  You may be thinking, “How am I supposed to do all of that and run my business?”

Lucky for you, just as you specialize in your specific business arena, there are multiple companies available that specialize in getting you found on the web.  There are considerable amount of tactics that are used by professional companies that focus on multiple things, most commonly heard of would be keywords or phrases, otherwise known as SEO. This is only 1 very small portion of various tactics that professional companies use to increase your rank so that your site will come up when people are searching for the product or service that you offer.  As Google, and other search engines go, they are getting better and better at using multiple parameters to ensure the result they are giving their customer, the searcher, is accurate.  This means they provide a search to a customer based on location of where the person searches from, they also take into consideration what do your friends like or search for and what does your history say to them to ensure accuracy.

Every company would love to say they can sustain their business growth on recommendations, however that simply is not the truth.  How can you create a sustained lead generator for your company?  Simple, work with a professional company to develop a lead generation website. Just as your yellow pages cost was in your marketing budget for years…. It is now time to create a marketing budget for your online presence.  This is where the decision makers of both the companies and households you are trying to attract will be looking to make decisions on who to work with.  What does your website say about your company? Or will you continue to market in the yellow pages…..? Oh wait, do they still exist?



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