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Six Tips To Know Before Hiring A Web Design Company

Six Tips To Know Before Hiring A Web Design Company

At Triton Commerce part of what we offer is web design. Most of our clients and friends of the company think of us as a web design company. It’s the part of what we do that our clients and friends actually see. In reality, though, we spend much more of our resources in content creation. A great-looking, well-designed website is extremely important. But if nobody ever sees the site, it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks. A website without visitors does you no good. We believe the art of web design is not the design at all. It’s about being found so your potential clients actually see your beautiful website.

When shopping for web design companies there are quite a few things to consider before signing up with one.

  1. Leads – If you are hoping to use your website to generate leads, you will need a web design company that can also market your site. Good design alone won’t cut it. Some examples of web marketing are:

    1. Inbound Marketing

    2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

    3. SEM – Search Engine Marketing

  2. Location – Web companies can be anywhere and still do great work. But we find the best relationships are local.  The reason is quite simple. A high-quality web design and marketing company will take unique pictures and write unique content exclusively for your site, and this in-depth analysis can only be gleaned by being there with the business. Local web design and marketing companies also know the area better than an outstate firm and can help you target customers from specific areas.

  3. Who owns the site? – A lot of people don’t realize when buying a web site or web marketing package that they don’t actually own the site, but rather are simply leasing the site. We believe that the person who paid to have the site created owns the site and its contents.  Only on very rare occasions do we recommend the renting of a site platform. We see this more in eCommerce than on an informational or service-based website.

  4. Functionality – Are there actions or special features you would like the site to perform? If so, what are they and can your provider actually create that functionality? If they can build in the functions you desire how much will it cost? Do they have any examples?

  5. Updates – Who will be responsible for updating the website in the future? What happens when you need a quick change or want to post a new event or blog to the site? Do you need to learn how to be web person along with your day job?

  6. Redesign – If you are with a web marketing and design company and you pay a monthly fee, how often will your site be redesigned? If your industry changes you may need to change with it. We think your site should get a refreshed look every few years. Is that included?

These are just some very simple things to consider when choosing your digital marketing partner. Each situation is different.  We find the most important variable when choosing any new vendor for your business is how much they care about you! Do they listen? Do they take the time to learn enough about your company that they themselves want to do business with you? We know not every relationship can go that way but we do think the people responsible for telling your story online should have a good idea of who you are and what you provide to the marketplace.

Just about anyone can make a website these days but can they help you reach your goals. At Triton we focus on your goals while making you look great at the same time.

If you want to know more about our design and marketing process, we offer a free consultation and would be happy to show you how we can help you create a great website and marketing plan.  




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