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Using Email Automation to Grow Your Small Business

Using Email Automation to Grow Your Small Business

Using Automated Emails to Improve Sales.

Market research continues to prove that customers need to know a company and its reputation before they are willing to make a purchase. A typical small business will make 6 or more contacts with a potential customer before a purchase is made. To make these 6 or more contacts, a small business should implement a contact plan. This plan should utilize multiple contact points including your website, phone calls, targeted emails and re-targeting ads. Today we will review the use of targeted emails to reduce your sales cycle time and improve sales conversion rates.

Triton Commerce email automation plans pin-point those who are most likely to make a purchase in the next 30-60 days. This is done by integrating your websites contact forms with our email automation system. Once this integration is made, we can automatically email clients with on-topic content that builds your companies reputation and keeps your brand in the minds of potential customers. These email automation plans can reduce your sales cycle time and improve your conversion rates by up to 200%.

How does this work:

Lets say you own a landscaping company and a visitor lands on your website while searching for "backyard renovation". This visitor fills out a quote request on "backyard landscaping services". Now, this is a well qualified lead, one that you hope to convert into a paying customer, but 6 contacts are hard to make when you already work 12 hours per day. That's where our email automation system can help. Our email system will automatically send this person 4 emails over the period of 2 weeks on the topic of backyard landscaping. These topics can include things like "Top 10 Back Yard Renovation Ideas" or "Increase Your Homes Value With These Backyard Ideas". These are authoritative topics that build the reputation of your landscaping company and also include your contact information.

The automation system can be customized to your typical sales cycle. Some companies (like landscaping) have a long sales cycles, due to project size & planning while others (such as plumbers) have shorter sales cycles, due to an immediate need. Those with longer sales cycles we will typically send more emails, over a longer-period of time, such as 4 emails over 6 weeks. Companies with short sales cycles, we can send 3 emails over a period of 5 days. The goal is to continue making contact with the potential client, while they are still shopping for your service.

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