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Get To Know Reid

Get To Know Reid

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a professional videographer on your marketing team? Our Digital Media Specialist, Reid, works closely with our clients to plan, capture, and edit content that tells their unique stories on various digital platforms. With a strong background in creative writing, Reid works to develop engaging, start-to-finish concepts for all of his photography and videography projects.

reid-blog-imageFrom eye-catching video banners to engaging introductory videos for social media, Reid has created a wide variety of content for our clients. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, with a minor in Creative Writing, Reid began pursuing videography as a hobby. He started off developing freelance video content for various companies before joining our team at Triton Commerce as a Digital Media Specialist. 

Want to know more about Reid?  We sat down with him to learn more about his process, interests, and the work he’s completed for our clients.

Describe A Typical Day In Your Role

“On a typical day you can find me editing, creating sound effects, writing scripts and shot lists, creating strategies, filming, taking photos, etc. The truth is, I am doing something different every day, and many days that means learning something new.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Role On The Triton Team

“As a Digital Media Specialist, I am in charge of finding ways to capture the images that help tell a client’s story. My favorite part of that process is being able to dream up creative ideas for clients and then use problem solving and all of the different creative mediums (photo, video, music, writing, etc.) to make them become a reality.”

What Are Some Challenges That Are Unique To Being A Digital Media Specialist?

“The film and photography industries usually involve large teams and very specific roles. On most projects, I am a one-person crew, so I am always putting on different hats. Some days I am creating strategies, and other days I am directing a shoot, making animated graphics or even recording my own narration. It can be difficult trying to do so many jobs at once but I’m always up for the challenge.”

What Is The Most Valuable Thing You've Learned So Far In Your Time At Triton?

“Every day, I refine my abilities to produce a project. That means creating a budget, deciding on a timeframe, directing crew and talent, and communicating all of that to a client. I have learned many things beyond that, but I think producing is the driving force for each great project.”

Why Should A Business Invest In Video Content?

“I like to believe that video is the ultimate form of digital communication. If done correctly, video can be a highly precise experience for a viewer that can substitute the everyday face-to-face interactions that shape our lives. From cinema to commercials, it’s easy to see how much our culture is affected by great films and videos to understand a premise.” 

Tell Us About The Typical Process A Client Might Expect When They Work With You On A Video Project.

“When working with the Triton team on a video project, we always start by getting to know your company and your intentions for the project. After learning about your business, we brainstorm ideas as to how we can give you a personality and a voice through digital media. We then create a strategy that we share with our clients for their review before we create a shotlist, storyboard, and do the pre-planning for the shoot. On the shoot day, we capture all of the footage we need to succeed in editing. The editing process is where the magic happens, and we turn raw footage into a story. After that, we show you the final product, working with you to refine it until it’s ready to be seen by the world.”

What's Your Favorite Part About Working For Triton Commerce?

“Part of the reason I enjoy working for Triton Commerce is the ability to plan, capture, and edit images that tell a story. Every day, I get to think outside the box and decide what direction to let creativity take me and our clients.”

What Are You Passionate About?

“I am passionate about people. If there was a position for building a community of people who enjoy each other, I would apply for that job! I got my degree in “how to communicate better with people.” And, when I’m not working, I’m usually communicating with the long list of people I enjoy. But, I also love being creative in any capacity. If you were to mix people with creativity, I think you would get storytelling. Storytelling is how we make sense of ourselves, others, and the world. I am not great at any of these things, but I am passionate about people, creating, and storytelling, and I hope I am getting better every day. Sidenote: Storytelling usually gets better with beer, which is a huge advantage for me!”

What Achievement, Personal or Professional, Are You Most Proud Of?

“I have yet to make a better decision than marrying my wife. I am extremely proud of her!”

Finish This Sentence:  I Am Happiest When _______.

“I am happiest when I am making something with people I enjoy.”

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with Reid and the rest of our team for your digital marketing needs, contact us today for your free Digital Marketing Blueprint. We’ll analyze your business's current digital marketing efforts, and provide you with a blueprint that outlines what you can do to improve your digital presence.


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