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How To Improve Your Content Marketing With Images

How To Improve Your Content Marketing With Images

Whether you’re writing a social media post or an entire blog, creating high-quality content on an ongoing basis can be quite difficult. Choosing one or more images to accompany your content can be equally challenging. While it may be tempting to skip the step of adding images to your written content, the right images can enhance your content and boost its performance.

By pairing the right images with your content, you can attract more readers and keep them reading longer. Here are some tips for finding the perfect images for your content:

Tip 1 | Capture Custom Images

When you’re trying to tell your brand’s story online, images can serve as the perfect complement to your written content. However, many business owners rely heavily on stock photography to enhance their web and social media content. While stock images can work well in some instances, they just can’t match the impact made by custom photography.

Stock photography may be cheap, easy, and convenient to use, but all of those benefits contribute to one major drawback; because stock images are so convenient, they are widely used by countless brands. Your customers see stock images in digital or print advertising, on websites, in their social media feeds, and just about anywhere else where brands are trying to reach them. As a result, they simply aren’t as eye-catching as custom images. 

Rather than relying on a generic image to tell your story, try capturing your own custom images. You don’t need to have professional photography equipment to take great photos. By mapping out a plan for your photoshoot and taking as much time as you need to get the right shots, you can capture images that perfectly complement your content strategy.

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Custom images serve as the perfect complement to your written content, helping to create a cohesive look and tell a more compelling story.

Tip 2 | Select Images That Match Your Message

The images you add to your content should reinforce your overall message. If the content and tone of your images don’t match that of your written copy, it can be distracting to readers. Before you add images to your website content, blogs, or social media posts, make sure they match the message you are trying to convey to your audience.

  • Tell a Story. One simple way to ensure your photos match the rest of your content is to think about what story you want to tell your readers. Perhaps you want to highlight a specific service or show your dedication to customer service. When you know what story you want to tell or feeling you want to convey, it becomes much easier to determine what your photos should include.
  • Be Candid. Your photos don’t need to be perfect in order to be effective. In fact, the “too perfect” look of stock photography is one of its greatest shortcomings. Candid, authentic photos are far more interesting to your readers than slick, over-edited images. Taking candid photographs will allow you to capture your company’s unique personality.
  • Take Lots of Photos. Make sure you give yourself plenty of options to work with. Rather than set out to capture one specific image, try to capture a lot of images at once. Even if you have a few shots in mind, capture a few alternative versions of those shots (different angles, different people, etc.) so you have more variety to choose from down the road. Having more options will also make it easier to choose the perfect fit for each piece of content you create.

Tip 3 | Keep It Simple

While you want your photos to tell your brand’s story, the photos themselves don’t need to be incredibly complicated. In fact, simpler photos are typically more eye-catching and captivating. Viewers should be able to tell from a glance what your photo is about.

To keep your strategy from getting too complicated or time-consuming, work with key people on your team who can help you streamline the process and brainstorm what photos you need to capture. If you want to showcase a specific service, work with one of your in-house experts to figure out what photos would best accomplish this.

By working with your team, and featuring them in your photos, you can create images that perfectly complement your content and your brand as a whole. Your staff will enjoy being a part of the process, and your customers will love being able to meet the faces behind your brand.

If you’d like to capture unique images that help your company stand out online, we can help! We offer in-house photography and videography services so you can create eye-catching visual content that sets you apart from your competitors. Get started today by requesting a free Digital Marketing Blueprint.


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