5 Reasons You're Losing Leads


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5 Reasons You're Losing Leads

5 Reasons You're Losing Leads

Ever found yourself staring at an empty email inbox? Are you tired of the suffocating sound of silence your office phone reverberates weekly?

Do you catch yourself gazing out the window, wondering what your target audience is doing right then at that very moment? If this sounds like you, close your eyes and take a deep breath.


Okay, don’t actually yell out loud – we don’t want to scare away any more possible leads!

The overall goal of any digital marketing campaign is to crank out leads and convert them into sales. So when it becomes apparent that your business isn’t closing leads, it’s time to take a step back and reassess your digital marketing strategy to sniff out any potential areas of improvement.

Following up and closing leads is an artform all in itself, and the truth is that there are plenty of businesses out there that are completely lost in their lead generation strategies.

Research shows that 65% of businesses do not have an established lead nurturing process in place, whereas establishing a personalized lead nurturing strategy can increase lead conversion rates by 63%.

If you’re sick of missing out on leads, don’t worry, it’s not you. It’s most likely your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Here are five common reasons your business and website are losing out on leads and a few pointers to start closing on them.

#1 | Underperforming (or Underwhelming) Web Design

For many companies, losing leads has nothing to do with their overall business operations. It’s simply a matter of having a less-than-flattering website serving as their primary source of online representation.

Whether you like it or not, successfully generating and nurturing leads rides heavily on your website’s appearance and performance. A website that looks dated, takes forever to load, or isn’t mobile-friendly will turn off many potential customers actively searching for the products or services your business offers.

Studies show that 76% of consumers research and review a company’s online presence before ever setting foot inside their store or office. In addition to that stat, nearly 70% of online consumers admit that page speeds and site loading times directly impact purchasing decisions!

If you’re having second thoughts about your web design and performance, it’s time to perform a website audit. Take time to pinpoint any necessary areas of improvement and better optimize your website for lead conversion.

#2 | You’re Not Reaching Your Target Audience

If you’re constantly scratching your head at why your digital marketing efforts aren’t generating more leads, then perhaps you’re not finding your preferred customers because you’re looking for them in all the wrong places!

Research shows that around 80% of the content is marketed to the wrong online target audiences. Too many businesses are investing in digital marketing tactics that don’t pertain to the specific demographics they should be focusing on.

For example, if you’re spending money on paid social media, your ads need to be appropriately optimized for the specific audience you want to reach.

Location, age range, gender, income, interests; All of these consumer traits need to be zeroed in to perfect your campaigns. Otherwise, you’re simply casting a net out into the online ocean and hoping the right fish gets caught!

#3 | You’re Not Responding to Leads Right Away

Whatever industry your business operates within, time is always of the essence when it comes down to converting leads. With so many options to choose from, failing to contact leads in a timely manner will assure they wind up doing business with a competitor who reached out to them at the right place, right time!

Surveys show that companies that rank higher in lead response audit reports respond to every lead they generate in 30 minutes or less, so be sure to set up a successful notification process and response strategy for every lead you reel in.

The longer you wait to reach out to a lead, the higher probability that they’ve already moved on to someone else to fulfill their needs.

#4 | Your CTAs Are Confusing, Unclear, or Not Even ThereGet in the Holiday Spirit!

More often than not, your Paid Ads or social media posts are reaching the right people; it’s just that those people have no idea what to do next after they’ve encountered or engaged with your ad! Calls to action (CTAs) are one of the most overlooked aspects of any digital marketing campaign.

CTAs must be clear, concise, and accessible in every type of content you produce or share, be it your website, email marketing campaign, paid ads, etc.

The backbone to every successful CTA is instructing the prospect on exactly what they should do next, showing them where to click so they can move forward in their customer journey toward making a purchase or enlisting your services.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with the verbiage of your CTA. Use action-driven, enticing words or phrases to capture their intrigue rather than settling for generic wording such as “Call us now” or “Click here for more information.”

#5 | Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy Needs a Reboot

Generating more leads requires people organically coming across your website and content when browsing online or scrolling through their feeds. That’s why every inch of your website and online presence needs to be properly optimized to rank your pages to their highest potential.

This is where ensuring your SEO strategy is as successful as possible is crucial to improving your lead generation results.

Keyword research, on-site SEO, local SEO, meta tags and titles, keyword linking, review management; The list of necessary SEO tasks goes on and on. But one thing is certain: The more you cross off your SEO checklist, the more leads you can expect to generate.

Generate More Leads With Team Triton

The odds are you already have enough on your plate that even thinking about implementing these tips into your digital marketing strategy is overwhelming. That’s where having the services of a professional digital marketing company at your disposal can come in handy!

At Triton Commerce, we work directly with our clients to evaluate their digital marketing needs and create a customized strategy that’s engineered to increase lead generation and accomplish all your branding goals. Contact us today to revamp your digital marketing strategy and give your business a much-needed boost!