5 Reasons Manufacturers Need Digital Marketing


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5 Reasons Manufacturers Need Digital Marketing

5 Reasons Manufacturers Need Digital Marketing

For many manufacturers, it’s easy to cling to the old glory days of marketing and networking to maintain relevance within your region or market. Manufacturers have long depended on trade associations, word of mouth, trade shows, and expos to meet new clients and generate leads.

Then 2020 happened. Suddenly, the way most industries network and market themselves was disrupted, to say the least.

Even though everything may feel “back to normal,” the key takeaway from the past few years has been how companies are reassessing marketing strategies and adjusting to a more digital approach.Spreading brand awareness these days means catering toward digitally centered clientele. And in the world of B2B marketing, not having a sufficient digital marketing presence can hold back your networking potential. It can even cost you significant revenue in the long run.

There’s a reason why 63% of businesses increased their digital marketing budgets in 2022, and there are dozens of reasons why manufacturers need to get on board the digital marketing train. If your company could use some revamping when it comes to generating more leads and spreading brand awareness, we’ve got you.

Here are five reasons why your manufacturing business needs digital marketing strategies.

1. Cost-Effective Marketing

Think about all of the non-digital marketing ventures your company has invested in. Is there a clear-cut way to assess how successful your ROI was on attending those trade shows, or funding those billboards, or cold-calling those prospects?

Digital marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing out there because it allows you to see how successful your marketing campaign is in real-time, while giving you the tools and solutions to financially adjust as you deem fit.Here are a few of the cost-effective benefits to digital marketing:

  • Choose specific mediums and platforms (Paid Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) to reach your target audience.
  • Invest in Paid-Per-Click campaigns that only cost you after you’ve generated leads.
  • Retarget ads toward prospects who have previously visited your website or clicked on your paid ads.
  • Track click-through rates and lead conversion ratios to assess progress.

By being able to see how your marketing budget is being utilized as well as your ROI, digital marketing gives your manufacturing business more opportunities for cost-effective advertising.

2. Define Your Target Audience

It’s easy to think of marketing in general in fishing terms. Traditional advertising methods, such as billboards, cold-calling, or event marketing can essentially be seen as throwing out a fishing net into the ocean and crossing your fingers that you catch the type of fish you’re fishing for. But with digital marketing services, you can use specific tools, software, and resources that are proven to be the most effective “bait” that catches the precise types of fish you’re casting your rod out for!

Fishing analogies aside, digital marketing helps you zero-in on your preferred customers and target audience, right down to the very last detail. Want your ad to be seen by local businesses serving a specific industry? You can invest in a paid ad campaign that utilizes specific search terms your target audience is using.This ultimately places your website on the top page of local, relevant search engine results being performed by the businesses you want to reach!

3. Generate & Convert More Leads

Cost-effective advertising, reaching target audiences; sure, those all sound great and all. But when it comes down to it, the biggest reason manufacturers need to invest in digital marketing strategies is simply for lead generation and conversion.Digital marketing tactics will draw more attention to your brand, create more clicks on your website, and get your website at the top of relevant search engine results. But it takes a healthy balance of various digital marketing strategies to boost your brand virtually.

SEO, web design, branded content, social media, review management; all of these elements and more are the ingredients to a successful digital marketing campaign recipe. By choosing not to utilize these tools, you’re only holding back your company’s lead generation and conversion potential.

4. Scale As You Go

Perhaps the most overlooked advantage to digital marketing is just how flexible it is when it comes to only paying for the services that are applicable to your marketing needs. By utilizing digital marketing services, manufacturers can scale back or increase budgets as they see fit.More specifically, you can do this by analyzing performance reports and analytics that detail how successful your digital marketing efforts are proving to be.

Noticing an uptick in clients or contract agreements? Put the foot on the pedal and invest more into your paid advertising campaigns.

Preparing for a potential slow season? Scale back on social media marketing spending or allocate your budget to other digital marketing tactics.

The scalability of digital marketing makes it easier for your business to commit to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

5. Stay Above the Competition

If you’re reading this and shaking your head while thinking about how you’ve made it this far without having to invest in digital marketing efforts, then you shouldn’t be thinking about whether or not digital marketing is right for your company.You should be thinking about how your competitors are leveraging digital marketing strategies to corner your local market. Rest assured, your manufacturer competitors are utilizing digital marketing services to boost brand awareness and divert attention away from your business.And even if they aren’t, then great! You’ll be able to quickly work your way up to the top of the SEO rankings for Google searches such as “manufacturing companies near me.”

Aside from your outstanding reputation, proven performance, and vast client network, a digital marketing strategy is what helps maintain your established market presence, while expanding your reach to find new customers online.

Digital Marketing Strategies Catered to Your Industry

As a manufacturing company, you have enough on your plate when it comes to keeping your business afloat and thriving. At Triton Commerce, we handle all components of your digital marketing strategy, utilizing tactics that are specific to your industry needs and goals.

Looking to start expanding your client list? Contact Triton Commerce today to schedule a consultation with our team of digital marketing strategists!