3 Video Trends to Use to Get Ahead of Your Competition


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3 Video Trends to Use to Get Ahead of Your Competition

3 Video Trends to Use to Get Ahead of Your Competition

We’ve talked a lot about video marketing in our blogs over the years, from how to use video to enhance customer service, to whether video ads drive more results, to the benefits of using video on social media. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: If video isn’t already a part of your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on some major opportunities! Video grows revenue 49% faster than other types of marketing, and 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through video.

As businesses and marketers put more emphasis on video marketing strategies, how will your company stand out? Here are a few video trends that can help you get ahead of the competition:

Video Trend #1: Using Branding To Create A Visual Identity

Video is everywhere now. To break through the noise and stand out as unique, your company needs a signature look that people will recognize immediately. Crafting the visual identity of your brand through elements like colors, fonts, and logos makes your video marketing truly YOURS.

Matt Eckholm, Digital Media Specialist at Triton Commerce, explains: “When you see a video that Apple produces for its products, you can tell right away that it’s an Apple video. There’s a level of trust the viewer has in the validity of the content, without [the content] having to say a word. That’s the power of visual identity.”

Video Trend #2: Make Videos Of All Sizes

Not every video you create to market your business needs to be a big production. Video of all sizes is in! With a few tips and a little practice, we’re confident almost anyone at your company can capture a decent video clip on their smartphone. And while professionally produced videos certainly have their place in your marketing strategy, your team shouldn’t be afraid to experiment!

Try making videos of all sizes:

Micro video (15 seconds or less) on TikTok, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Stories
Short video (60 seconds or less) on Instagram or Facebook
Long-form video on IGTV or YouTube

“While you should never make a video longer than necessary, companies don’t have to fit content that explains complicated processes or services into a one-size-fits-all box. Producing a long-form video with shorter forms in mind can turn content fit for one platform into content fit for every platform,” Eckholm says.

Video Trend #3: Share User-Generate Content

Why wouldn’t you make the most of every customer endorsement? Take the people who love your product or service and turn them into spokespeople by sharing user-generated content!

“You can reshare a customer’s photo, video, or written testimonial as is, or user-generated content can be incorporated into produced videos – combined with visual identity and strategic editing – for a more impactful effect,” Eckholm recommends.

Can Video Help Grow Your Business?

There are plenty of ways to promote your small business through video. Just make sure your video content is tailored to your business’ goals, audience, and platform of choice!

If you want to leverage video content to grow your business but need some help getting started, contact the team at Triton Commerce. We create custom videos that drive real results for small businesses.