Why Is A Digital Marketing Strategy Necessary?


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Why Is A Digital Marketing Strategy Necessary?

You’re probably well aware of how digital marketing is essential for your business, but there’s a key term that needs to be attached to the end of “digital marketing” to truly make this process flourish: “strategy”.

Every undertaking needs a strategy to ensure everything goes according to plan, especially when it comes to digital marketing. But isn’t digital marketing itself a strategy? Not necessarily.

Let’s swap “digital marketing” with “vacation”. You have your destination you’re traveling to, all the sights you want to see, restaurants you want to dine at, etc. But without a strategy, your vacation would primarily involve scrambling around town, winging your plans as you fly by the seat of your pants.

When is the check-in time at the hotel? How far is the hotel from the airport? How much are tickets to the museum? Does the restaurant require reservations?

The same logic applies to digital marketing, especially when you’re implementing a variety of digital marketing tactics into your overall campaign.

What demographics are you trying to target? What keywords are applicable to the terms and phrases your target audience is searching for? How does each tactic fit into your entire digital marketing budget?

Here a brief rundown of why every digital marketing campaign needs its own custom strategy.

Branding Consistency

A common mistake most businesses make once they start putting their digital marketing plan into action is failing to strike a consistent tone and message across all the platforms they’re publishing and sharing content with. It’s on par with how your average television advertisement works: one message for all, whether it directly appeals to you or not.

Through a digital marketing strategy, you can target different demographics with different messages to see what tone works best for your target audience, while still being able to implement consistency with your branding across all platforms. For example, sharing content through your Facebook page won’t have the same verbiage as say your blog articles or Instagram captions, but you can still inject the same branding tone and voice, so your audience still relates to and identifies with whatever digital marketing content you’re sharing.

Consistency with branding and content marketing is achieved through creating a thorough, detailed digital marketing strategy.

Testing Tactics

Part of a successful digital marketing strategy is having the ability to toy with and test out different tactics to see which ones prove the most effective with your target audience. This allows your business to explore digital marketing options through different mediums that are relevant to your industry, as well as your desired demographic’s interests and hobbies, such as social media marketing, blog articles, podcasts, etc.

Once you start creating and sharing digital marketing content, it’s imperative to track their results in relation to engagement and return on investment (likes, shares, conversion rates, etc.). Without a strategy set in place, it’s difficult to assess which digital marketing efforts are truly worth continuing to invest in, so be sure to incorporate your digital marketing goals and define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into your digital marketing strategy.

Cover All Your Bases

When it comes down to it, having a digital marketing strategy in place is what gives you more insight and control as to the performance and trajectory of your digital marketing goals. By knowing exactly how keyword research factors into your SEO process, what demographics you’re trying to target through your social media channels, or what results with your paid advertising pursuits will maximize your ROI, you’re covering all the bases when it comes to knowing what to expect from your digital marketing campaign, as well as how to adjust it when necessary.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategies Courtesy of Triton Commerce

Every digital marketing strategy needs to be unique and customized to suit the needs of your business. At Triton Commerce, we work directly with businesses of all industries, assessing how specific digital marketing tactics will enhance their online presence, as well as identify which custom solutions will work toward achieving your digital marketing goals. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing process, and stay tuned to our “Near Me” Podcast for more tips on all things digital marketing!

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