Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs Help


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Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs Help

If you’re a small business owner, odds are you’re a natural born problem solver. Whether it’s managing inventory, smoothing out customer relationships, or fixing a leak in the bathroom, every small business owner works hard to ensure all aspects of their business operations are performing up to par.

The same needs to be said with any given digital marketing campaign. And although it may be difficult to admit when your business needs proper assistance, getting the help you need to implement an effective, well-rounded digital marketing strategy is crucial to exceeding your expectations when it comes to success.

Here are a few sure fire signs that it’s finally time to admit that your digital marketing strategy needs some serious help.

You’re Doing Everything Yourself

Many business owners share the common misconception that digital marketing is something of a “project” that they can take on themselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with overseeing your digital marketing strategy on your own, unless you’re constantly finding yourself saying, “I don’t have time for this”.

Social media management, email marketing newsletters, custom photography and videos; it may be easy to approach all of these tasks with an initial can-do attitude, but for many business owners who implement a DIY approach to their digital marketing duties, they tend to quickly realize they’ve bit off more than they can chew.

When it becomes apparent that you do not have the appropriate time to dedicate to overseeing everything from tracking performance reports to managing online reviews, that’s when you know your digital marketing strategy needs help. If you’re busy enough with all your other business operations, then perhaps it’s time to recognize that you should be working “in” your business, and not “on” it.

Stagnant Social Media

One of the most common signs your digital marketing strategy needs some assistance is noticing all the long periods of time where your social media feeds remain dormant. Consistency is king when it comes to producing and sharing engaging content, and a stagnant social media page will always interrupt the flow and progress of a solid digital marketing strategy.

This is why creating a social media calendar is essential to avoiding inconsistent posting, sharing your content in a timely, routine manner that also lets Google’s algorithms know that your online presence is still going strong.

“Where Did This Lead Come From?”

If you’re managing your digital marketing strategy by yourself, you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting out of the money you’re investing into your campaign. If you’re spending money on paid advertising and you have no idea if any of the leads you generated actually came from your paid ads, it’s time to seek out some professional guidance.

No small business owner should ever say “I just spent $2,000 on Google Ads, I assume these leads came from there!” You can’t ever “think” when it comes to gauging your strategy performance and assessing your ROI, you need to “know”. Without access to insightful performance analytics, odds are you’re probably wasting money.

One Thing At A Time

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up on one specific element of your digital marketing strategy, especially if it turns out you’re doing a pretty good job of managing that one thing! But if you’re solely focused on maintaining your company’s Instagram profile, then you can rest assured that you’re not devoting enough sufficient time to other essential aspects of your digital marketing campaign.

Like each individual plant in a garden, all areas of your digital marketing strategy need to have equal amounts of attention, care, and guidance. And if it starts to become noticeable that you simply can’t take on all of these responsibilities by yourself, then there’s certainly no shame in typing “digital marketing services near me” into your Google search bar!

You Don’t Know Where to Begin

You can’t say when the last time you shared a blog article was. You’re unsure whether you actually went through with finalizing your Facebook page. You haven’t even visited your website in months. These aren’t just signs you need digital marketing help, these are emergency alarm sirens!

When you take a step back and see that there’s so many digital marketing tactics you’re missing out on and you don’t even know where to begin, it’s time to start seeking out help. The longer you fail to upgrade your digital marketing strategy, the more your business and brand disappears online, making it harder to climb your way back to the top of any local and relevant search engine results.

Get the Digital Marketing Help You Need From Triton Commerce

People choose your business because you’re great at what you do, and that’s why businesses choose to work with us as well! At Triton Commerce, we work directly with businesses of all sizes and industries to ensure their digital marketing strategies receive the custom solutions and necessary attention they need to build up your online presence and start converting more leads.

Professional digital marketing assistance is just a click away! Contact us today to get in touch with our team of digital marketing strategists, and tune into our Near Me Podcast to keep afloat on insider tips and recommendations for perfecting your digital marketing practices.

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