Micheli Cotroneo - Director of Video Production - Triton Commerce

About Micheli

Passionate about the power of film since his dad took him to see The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at a midnight showing; our Director of Video Production, Micheli loves helping companies tell their stories and amplify their messages through engaging and dynamic digital content. Fresh out of high school, he started a small production company, which he credits to taking him around the country, filming all kinds of videos for vast variety of of businesses and nonprofits.

As a video creator with over 20 years of film production, content creation, and marketing experience, Micheli excels at growing brands in the digital age. When he’s not sharing and showing the messages of clients and Triton Commerce, he can be found writing, watching movies, cooking, and traveling annually to spend time with his family in Italy, along with his girlfriend Yesha, and their child, Kiki (aka. golden labradoodle).