Evan Clark - Triton Commerce, Minneapolis, MN

About Evan

With a solid, expansive background in journalism and content writing, Content Specialist Evan brings an immense range of writing and creative skills to our team. A published novelist, he thrives on being creatively productive — writing novels, screenplays, podcasts, satire, etc. Passionate about harnessing his writing skills and exploring new areas of creativity, Evan has a great fondness for writing to enhance the marketability of the wide variety of Triton clients and the intriguing industries they serve.

Outside of the office, Evan enjoys reading specifically non-fiction books about scandalous events in history. He also loves rock 'n roll and can be found on-stage in a few bands around Minneapolis. Evan credits himself for being the only member of his family to escape the cornstalk-clutches of Iowa, where he was born and raised. Watch for him on the next episode of “Nailed It”, where you might just catch him attempting (and mostly failing) to replicate cooking recipes from professional chefs.