Meet Triton Commerce - Minneapolis, Mn

Corey Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Kelly

Chief Design Officer

Matt Ashley

VP of Client Operations

Caryn Butler

Chief Operating Officer

Shianne Verness

Director of Marketing & Strategy

Jerhad Thompson

Paid Campaign Specialist

Tiffany Losselyong

Senior Account Manager

Jared Wilaby

Senior Search Marketing Analyst

Julia Sattler

Content Specialist

Evan Clark

Content Specialist

Kaleh Sapp

Content Manager

Jace Bresina

Creative Manager & Web Designer

Chelsea Krings

Graphic Designer

Ken Suarez

Web Designer

Brittany Beckmann

SEO Specialist

Jordan Pinski

Senior Front End Developer

Ryan Remke

Front End Developer

Vlad Kosmala

Project Specialist

Braxx Calotes

Search Marketing Analyst

Micheli Cotroneo

Director of Video Production