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The Triton Story

Triton Commerce is a full-service, digital marketing agency, providing web design, social media, and inbound marketing services, with an emphasis on increasing business leads and sales. At Triton Commerce, we strive to make online marketing easy, honest, and most importantly, profitable for your business.

Our mission is to provide affordable and effective digital marketing services that help your business compete and grow. Our "No Contracts" policy speaks to our strong belief in our team’s talent and abilities. Unlike our competitors, at Triton Commerce, we don't require you to pay us because you're obligated to, but instead we hope that you’ll want us to be your partner and continue to help you expand your business. Focused on results and the performance of the strategies we create and execute for you and your business, our entire team is committed to providing easy-to-comprehend reporting, great service, and everything you would expect from a world-class digital marketing agency.

Our expertise was derived by necessity. Two of our three founders of Triton previously founded a successful eCommerce business selling consumer electronics in the early 2000s. Knowing that the web was going to take over other forms of marketing, we learned how to market ourselves simply by doing it. Throughout those 13 years of selling goods and services online, we saw internet marketing fads come and go, which led us to the basic realization that shortcuts and tricks simply don't work in the long run. Trials and testing of our own helped us develop tried and true methods that drove qualified traffic to our website.

In the mid 2000s, based on the success of our online eCommerce store, we founded a brick and mortar retail store of the same name. With our retail store, we tried traditional local marketing techniques, such as print, radio, Yellow Pages, and television ads. What we found was that our in-house digital marketing strategy gave us, by far, the best return on our dollar. Unlike TV, radio, and print ads, digital marketing was the only medium that provided us with true performance indicators and results allowing us to calculate our exact return on investment.  In the late 2000s, that entire company was sold and is still very successful today.

After the dust settled, the company “brainstorming football” spent a lot of time being passed around the hallway of our headquarters by our founders as they “tossed” around the idea of combining their unique blend of inbound marketing expertise and sharing it with other small to mid-sized businesses. And the rest is history . . . or was the future, depending on how you look at it!

Today, our company continues to hold true to the original beliefs and values we were founded on: providing trackable, consistent results the average business owner can see and understand. As our depth of the products and services we offer deepens and our team of industry experts grows, so does our knowledge and our passion for what we do. The success of your business is the success of our business, and that’s why each member of the Triton Team truly stands behind the solutions we’re able to recommend and provide based on where your business is today and where your business wants to be tomorrow.

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