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Your Website Is The Ultimate Representation Of Your Company And Its Products

Your Website Is The Ultimate Representation Of Your Company And Its Products

Your website is the ultimate representation of your company and its products. You want your site to look great, to showcase your wares, and to entice the public at large to dig deeper. Good website design helps. So does a strong call to action. Even proper grammar is important on your website. After all, you want to show that you know you're shit. Wait! Or show that you know your shit?

The difference is important. It's the difference between cheekily proclaiming your deep knowledge and stating that you are nothing more than excrement.

More than that, poor spelling and grammar can negatively affect your website's performance.

SEO Impact

Simply put, correct spelling and grammar help you achieve better rankings in search engines. A misspelled keyword on your site does you no good in search engine rankings. At the same time, poorly written content is less likely to be read, shared, and commented upon, giving your site less clout or credibility – both of which search engines use when determining rank.

User Experience Matters

If users find your website unprofessional, they won't stick around, and they certainly won't come back. Conversely, a well written and designed site lends credence to your content and makes positive community engagement much more likely. If you establish yourself as an authority in your industry, users are much more likely to return and 

Tips for Better Grammar

Even if you're not a writer, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your website has crossed all it's Ts and dotted all its Is.

Read your site. Oftentimes, just simply reviewing your website's content will reveal blunders that could discourage users.

Have a third party review your site. For many of us, when we read something that we've written, we read it in our heads as it's supposed to sound and not as it actually sounds. This is why having someone else review your content is valuable, as she only has the written words to go on.

Hire a professional writer/proofreader. At Triton, we employ in-house writers who get to know your business and then craft unique content for you. This way we ensure that all content is professionally written, represents you and your values, and provides a solid foundation both for user experience and SEO.

Remember, grammar and spelling matter. With a careful eye, you can be sure to come across as an expert, not excrement.

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