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Quality Coaches

Quality Coaches is the premier mechanic shop for imports in the Minneapolis area and specializes in the restoration of MG's.

Visitor Increase +63%
Lead Increase +100%
Click to calls +100%
Quality Coaches has always been known to be an MG specialist and unfortunately in the past, that deterred other customers from bringing their vehicles manufactured by Honda, Ford and such to be serviced by them. Triton Commerce was hired by the great team at Quality Coaches with a few specific goals in mind: 

1.  Change this perception
2.  Keep the calendar full
3.  Get homeowners from the surrounding neighborhood to bring their domestic cars in for repair and maintenance

Prior to partnering with Triton Commerce, Quality Coaches hadn't ever received a Service Request or Estimate Request from their website.  They also didn't have a method for tracking their call volume. Within the first 5-months of working together, they received 41 online quote requests and over 200 calls related to an online search.

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